Expert Witness

  • Wage Loss and Job Opportunity: Defense attorneys, plaintiff attorneys and the Social Security Administration continually rely on The World of Work for expert testimony in issues related to work and wage loss. Speaking to rehabilitation potential and future employment prospects, our testimony helps to clarify issues related to future wage earning capacity and related assessments associated with damage claims.
  • Product Liability: The World of Work's Human Factors Specialist brings ergonomic data and approaches to the investigation of losses influenced by design or by human limitations. Arguments may be presented on the degree to which a design meets current standards and known limitations and capabilities of the prospective users. The features and provisions for safety, instructions, and foreseeable misuses are also examined.

Career and College Counseling

  • The World of Work, Inc., provides Vocational Rehabilitation Counseling to people with disabilities and Career Counseling to first time job seekers, college bound students and adults entering or reentering the workforce or making a mid-life career change.

Vocational Assessment

  • Our Counselors are specially trained to work with people with medical, mental or social impairments. Our vocational assessments identify the individual's work interests and skill levels.

Human Factors and Ergonomic Evaluations

  • Our Professionals apply their expertise across various disciplines to work involving productivity improvement and workplace safety.